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About Us

Coaching is the key to everything!!! We chose the name “Raeda” because it means “Coach” in ancient Latin. We believe that our coaches are our most important asset.

As well as being highly qualified, a good coach can motivate, educate and inspire. At CrossFit Raeda our coaches are dedicated to ensuring that every single member trains safely and effectively, learning new skills, improving their fitness and reaching their goals in a fun, friendly environment.

CrossFit Raeda is a community and our coaches will ensure that you are welcomed into the community whatever your age, gender or level of experience. We want you to feel part of something special!!

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Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning
Crossfit Trainer
Crossfit Trainer
Crossfit Trainer
Crossfit Trainer


Interested in joining Crossfit Raeda?

Please use the below information to get in touch with our coaching team.

Phone 07738 210101

The Barn, Esgors Farm, High Road, Thornwood, CM16 6LY