Coaching is the key to everything!!! We chose the name “Raeda” because it means “Coach” in ancient Latin. We believe that our coaches are our most important asset.

As well as being highly qualified, a good coach can motivate, educate and inspire. At CrossFit Raeda our coaches are dedicated to ensuring that every single member trains safely and effectively, learning new skills, improving their fitness and reaching their goals in a fun, friendly environment.

CrossFit Raeda is a community and our coaches will ensure that you are welcomed into the community whatever your age, gender or level of experience. We want you to feel part of something special!!

Meet Our Team

Lee Ottey

Strength & Conditioning

Lee has been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years and is now an Accredited Strength & Conditioning coach with the UK Strength & Conditioning Association, a course tutor for Greenwood Weightlifting, a British Weightlifting Licensed Coach, CrossFit L1 Coach and Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer.

Lee has a background ranging from boxing to rugby, from competitive natural bodybuilding to Masters Olympic Weightlifting. The highlight of his career so far was his appointment in 2010 as Lead Strength & Conditioning coach to Great Britain Women’s Handball in their preparation for London 2012 and becoming a member of Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Since then he has worked as Strength & Conditioning Coach to the Swiss National Womens Handball team and most recently spent 5 months working for the Chinese Olympic Committee with their handball squad.

Lee runs our Weightlifting sessions and is Raeda Weightlifting Club’s head coach.

Favourite WOD – Linda. Favourite CrossFit exercise – anything Olympic Weightlifting!

Annie Ottey

CrossFit Trainer

Annie originally started in the fitness industry 30 years ago as a studio and gym instructor, then spent several years working in the family engineering business in Harlow and is now an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach, Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, Olympic Weightlifting Instructor and tutor for Greenwood Weightlifting.

Before opening CrossFit Raeda Annie worked with Lee with the GB Women’s handball team in their preparation for London 2012.

Annie has competed in a wide range of sports and held British titles in Indoor Rowing, Natural Bodybuilding and Masters Weightlifting.  She is now competing in CrossFit where her weightlifting skills come in extremely useful!

Annie is a Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer, Accredited Member of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association, BWL Coach, Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and CrossFit Gymnastics Certified Trainer.

Ashley Rumble

CrossFit Trainer

Ashley has a background in dance and performing arts, and is now focusing on his true passion of fitness.  

He is a competitive CrossFit athlete and has an active Personal Training business, helping people reach their goals, whether that’s improving a certain skill or generally working towards being a fitter, stronger and healthier individual.  

Ashley holds his CFL-1 and Level 3 personal training qualifications.

Marnie Prior

Weightlifting Coach

Marnie joined Raeda in 2018 and soon become an integral part of our community.

She has a passion for weightlifting and as a British Weightlifting level 2 licensed coach and technical official she’s an important part of our coaching team.

Neisha Klessattel

CrossFit Trainer

As a former international athlete Neisha has come back from major knee and heart surgery to become a stronger, focused and competent CrossFitter.

Through hours of rehabilitation she has developed a strong understanding of accessory work and it’s important role in injury prevention and athlete development.

Whatever your goals she’ll always be right there with progressions and adaptations to suit your needs.

Neisha holds her CFL-1 and Australian equivalent fitness qualifications.